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Test pits are part of a group of geotechnical tests to help understand the characteristics of sub surface soil and rock matter.

Test pitting is an effective method of obtaining valuable data on the condition of the sub surface soil and rock conditions in a particular area. Test pitting allows for the different types of soil and rock types to be examined, the soils to be sampled (and analyzed) and allow for a preliminary assessment of a particular project or survey. An example of a test project is the assessment of the possible effects of leaching on a communities groundwater supply. Other examples include:

  • archaeological surveys
  • septic system leach fields
  • construction sites
  • landfill leaching

At Cambium Aboriginal, out team of licenced engineers have the ability and technology to perform all aspects of test pitting services construction and geological projects for First Nations Communities. The aim and intent of Cambium Aboriginal’s involvement is to provide a viable and feasible approach that satisfies First Nations, land owners, developers, municipalities and conservation authorities in maintaining the integrity and function of the natural systems that currently exist on fill sites and their adjacent lands.

The ultimate goal is to improve the land for agricultural, commercial, industrial or residential use and adequacy by offering feasible re-grading options. Cambium Aboriginal facilitates navigation of the regulatory authorities, by-laws and guidelines and understanding of said, to satisfy the respective permitting authorities with the ultimate goal and to devise a work plan aimed at evaluating the adequacy of the site for fill placement to satisfy the needs of all interested parties inclusively.

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