Recycling Programming

What is recycling?

Recycling can be defined as the separation of materials from the waste stream that can include glass, paper and plastic. These materials are processed back into raw materials for the construction and production of new products.

Recycling is a powerful form of sustainable waste management. It can help ensure that the delicate environmental balance between air, land and water is maintained in order to protect the safety and well-being of First Nations community members.

Recycling can help prevent toxins from polluting the environment in addition to maximizing the life of raw materials in order to extend the life of landfill sites and lessen the potential negative impact to air, soil and water.

What are the benefits of recycling?

There are many benefits for establishing and using a recycling program in your First Nations community, in particular:

  • Conversing energy and reducing the need for virgin resources
  • Recycled products forego the environmental degradation associated with virgin raw materials and products
  • Helping to lessen the footprint of landfill areas

How Can Cambium Aboriginal Help?

At Cambium Aboriginal, our team of waste management experts can help assess, evaluate and plan your First Nations recycling program – From start to finish. We have the administrative and technical experience to help your First Nation:

  • Prepare your recycling funding proposals
  • Prepare the administrative work
  • Prepare all feasibility planning
  • Establish contacts and government consultations
  • Help with your community’s consultation process
  • Work with all government regulations and process
  • Perform all technical work including environmental assessments, evaluations and recommendations

We have the experience and the knowledge in setting up First Nations community recycling programming. Let us help your community!

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