Organic Waste Management

Every year, Ontarians generate roughly 12 million tons of garbage with 4 million tons being organic waste. Roughly 28 percent of Ontario’s total waste comes in the form of wasted food and organics, representing a $12 billion loss to Ontario’s economy, society and environment. Given our finite supply of resources this linear approach to waste management is neither sustainable or economical in today’s society. If you factor in the fact that organic waste increases year over year it becomes apparent that alternative organic waste systems are needed.

At Cambium Aboriginal, we understand the need for a circular approach to organic waste management in First Nations communities. By reducing waste and re-allocating organic waste materials to help improve other areas of the economy, communities can become healthier and more productive. This approach to organic waste management can drive value creation in other areas such as energy recovery, recycling, soil improvement as well as reducing food waste. Additionally, by diverting organic waste materials there is the possibility of preserving your community’s landfill space.

Cambium Aboriginal experts have much experience in providing organic waste management services across central and eastern Ontario. Our team recognizes and understands the unique needs of First Nation communities and is able to provide cost-effective waste management and diversion solutions. The Cambium Aboriginal team – including organic waste management specialists, engineers, hydrogeologists, and technologists – achieve these goals while routinely meeting time and budgetary constraints and maintaining rigorous quality standards.

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