Cambium Aboriginal’s team of experts are able to work with your community to find cost‐effective solutions to understand water resources in your area and determine any environmental impacts that may be related to them. Projects that we have completed have include: baseline surveys prior to site development, impact assessments associated with anthropogenic activities at a property, and assessments associated with water resource development and protection.

Various tools, including stereo air photo interpretation, geophysical surveys, test well installation, aquifer pumping tests, field sampling, field measurements, and numerical computer modeling have been used to characterize water resources within a defined area. Watershed boundaries are delineated using topographic controls and water balance calculations. Numerical modeling is often used to describe and illustrate the existing or future subsurface conditions within an area of study.

Our areas of expertise

  • Terrain analysis, and site characterization.
  • Subsurface contaminant delineation and impact assessments.
  • Potable water resource development:
    • Water well pumping tests
    • Permits to Take Water (PTTW)
    • Dewatering assessments and approvals for construction, pits, quarries and mines
  • Site servicing studies
  • Assessment and design of subsurface disposal of wastewater (septic) systems
  • Aquifer and wellhead protection.
  • Monitoring well installation.
  • Groundwater and surface water chemical analysis and interpretation.
  • Groundwater and surface water trigger mechanisms and contingency planning.
  • Modeling of existing/future groundwater quality and flow using programs such as MODFLOW and HELP.
  • Peer review of other hydrogeological assessments.

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