Geoscience is the study of Mother Earth. It is the study of all the natural geological systems from the minerals, soil and rocks to the natural energy systems. It is the science of “real world” systems and how it affects our lives. Using geoscience we can help determine how certain man made systems such as landfills and waste sites can affect natural environmental systems including air quality, surface conditions (soil and rock) and what’s beneath the surface such as underground water sources.

One of the primary goals of waste management is the safe disposal of waste (organic and inorganic) without contaminating Mother Earth’s delicate environmental balance between the air, soil and water systems. In order to do so it is necessary to use geoscience to investigate and locate safe sites for waste management and the impacts it may have on surface and underground environmental conditions.

At Cambium Aboriginal our objective is to help your First Nations community find the best solution for your waste disposal needs which will help mitigate possible surface and underground contamination ensuring the safety and well-being for your community members. In addition we will work with your community to outline possible secondary solutions such as:

  • Recycling opportunities
  • Possible renewable energy production from landfill gas
  • Composting solutions

Our geoscientists will ensure all government (federal and provincial) regulations and procedures are followed in accordance to the most recent policies.

We will work directly with your First Nations community in order to help develop the safest possible plan for your communities waste disposal needs.

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