First Nations Waste Audits

Waste audits can help identify the types of recyclable materials and waste your First Nations community generates. In addition, waste audits will outline the amount, nature and composition of waste and the manner by which it is produced by a community, an organization or specific site. A waste audit will include the following components:

  • Establish baseline or benchmark data.
  • Characterize and quantify the waste streams.
  • Verify waste pathways.
  • Identify waste diversion opportunities.
  • Identify source reduction opportunities.
  • Assess effectiveness of current systems to improve efficiency of waste management.
  • Obtain detailed data on waste generation allowing more accurate product costing.

By conducting a waste audit and implementing a waste reduction work plan, your First Nations community can possibly achieve greater waste reduction and the potential for significant operational cost savings.

Who Should Have a Waste Audit?

  • Retailers with 100,000 square metres or more of floor space.
  • Office buildings of 100,000 square metres or more of floor space.
  • Restaurants with revenue > $3 million in a calendar year.
  • Hotels and motels with > 75 units.
  • Hospitals (class A, B, or F).
  • Educational institutions with > 350 students.
  • Manufacturing operations with > 16,000 total annual man-hours worked.
  • Construction and demolition projects > 2,000 square metres.

Waste audits and reduction work plans

Ontario’s 3R Regulations (Reduction, Reuse & Recycling) have been in place since 1994. They require businesses within the industrial, commercial and institutional (IC&I) sectors (including schools, office buildings, hospitals, and multi-unit residential buildings) as well as municipalities, to develop programs to reduce the amount of non-hazardous waste going to disposal and to establish waste reduction work plans.

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