Strategic Planning Services

Developing a strong strategic direction for your business or organization is critical to your long term growth and prosperity. For Indigenous business and organizations developing a focused strategic plan can be instrumental in growing or expanding additional products and services for your target market. A focused strategic plan can help:

  • Strengthen the fabric of your companies or organizations strategic thinking
  • Improve focus and direction for your entire organization or business
  • Align your management teams focus behind a single vision
  • Identify the necessary resources (such as labor and capital) needed to achieve the goals in the strategy
  • Boost your companies or organizations morale

A strong strategic plan can be used to inject a new and exciting focus for your organization and business while providing the necessary guidance and direction to define functional and divisional plans.

At Cambium Aboriginal we understand how important it is to create and implement a focused strategic plan. We can help you choose and define the right goals for your First Nations organization or business and develop the perfect strategies to achieve them while making sure you have the right capabilities and resources in place to make sure it all happens.

We also understand the uniqueness of Indigenous organizations and business environments. Our team of First Nations Strategic Planning Professionals have worked hand in hand with Indigenous communities and businesses for over two decades. We can help you define the right goals for your First Nations organization or company and develop the strategies to achieve them, while ensuring that you have the right capabilities and resources in place to make it all happen.

Your strategic planning exercise may include some or all of the following activities:

  • Facilitated sessions with all stakeholders of your organization.
  • Evaluation of the roles and responsibilities within an organization.
  • Examining the past, present and future goals and objectives of your organization.
  • Completion of an operating environment assessment to identify trends and future needs of your clients.
  • Facilitated sessions to ensure that the strategic plan is implemented effectively and efficiently within the organization.

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