Departmental Development Planning

At Cambium Aboriginal we pride ourselves on our ability to over deliver on developing First Nations strategic departmental development plans. Our commitment to your organization is to ensure your visions and objectives are achieved through planned results. By providing effective departmental planning your organization can achieve its goals and objectives in the years to come.

At Cambium Aboriginal we will work with your organization to ensure you can communicate your annual performance goals to your community and the financial and human resources forecasts to deliver those results. By working closely with your team of directors, managers and key staff members we will help develop key opportunities (and risks) for your organization in the areas of:

  • Departmental priorities and strategic outcomes;
  • Expected results; And
  • Resource requirements

Our Departmental Development Plans will also provide extensive details on human resource requirements, funding, grants and overall program costs. With over two decades of departmental development planning we will help ensure your organizations plan is realistic and achievable.

Contact us to speak with one of our qualified staff members to discuss your circumstances and learn how we can eliminate uncertainties and provide you with practical solutions that are tailored to your First Nation’s specific needs.

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