Geotechnical Investigations

Are you building something new in your community? Before the construction starts, it is important to understand the subsurface conditions at your building site. The integrity of any structure depends on the strength of its foundations; investigating soil, rock and groundwater conditions at a site is critical in identifying the challenges ahead.

Cambium Aboriginal’s experts in geotechnical engineering perform investigations using the latest technologies to determine the composition and properties of the soil and rock at a proposed building site. The results of the geotechnical investigations allow designers to produce plans and specifications that reflect the interaction between the structure’s requirements and the subsurface conditions at the site to help optimize the design of the structure.

Geotechnical investigation methods we use include borehole drilling, rock coring, test pit excavations, dynamic probe penetration tests, installation of groundwater monitors and geophysical surveys. Geotechnical projects we have completed include bridges, culverts, roadways and underground services, dams, solar and wind farms, and commercial, residential, institutional and industrial buildings. We will help you get below the surface to ensure that your structure is being built on strong foundations.

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Geotechnical Services

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