Community Housing Analysis

At Cambium Aboriginal we understand how important your First Nations community housing is. Your members expect and rely on dependable housing to shelter and protect them and their families. We also understand that your community is growing.

In fact, the fastest growing demographic in Canada is the Indigenous community. Over the last 15 years, the Indigenous people of Ontario have experienced significant changes in population demographics and age composition. Ontario’s Indigenous population has more than doubled since 1996 growing by 159,900 self-identified Indigenous people from 141,425 to 301,425. That number is expected to grow by almost twice its current size of 301,425 to 511,000 over the next 22 years.

What does this mean for First Nations communities? As Ontario’s Indigenous population continues to grow it will affect the demand for social, economic and infrastructure variables such as housing.

At Cambium Aboriginal we understand this and can help your First Nations community with the following:

  • Demographic analysis
  • New housing needs
  • Replacement needs
  • Repair and decontamination needs
  • Cost estimates and financial housing forecasts

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