Water Well Inspection and Testing

Did you know that 73% of First Nations water systems are at high or medium risk of contamination (Health Canada, 2013)? According to the Government of Canada (As of September 30, 2017), in 98 First Nations communities south of the 60th parallel there were:

  • 43 short-term DWAs (drinking water advisories) indicating a temporary water quality issue;
  • 101 long-term DWAs, meaning the advisory has been in place for more than a year

Cambium Aboriginal provides drinking water system compliance programs to First Nations communities and organizations to satisfy a complete range of service requirements. Under Ontario’s drinking water system legislation (Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002) nearly all drinking water systems that provide potable water to the public are required to take measures to mitigate risks to human health. The compliance requirements for a regulated drinking water system depend upon the characteristics and classification of the system as prescribed in the regulations.

Requirements of the regulations include:

  • Scheduled operational checks, microbiological testing and chemical testing.
  • Compliance with the applicable standards for minimum level of treatment.
  • Currency of Certificates of Approval.
  • Scheduled annual report submissions.
  • Appropriately trained personnel to operate the system.
  • Certification of systems by a professional engineer.
  • Preparation of operational plans for the system.
  • Preparation and approval of financial plans for the system.
  • Application for a drinking-water works permit and a municipal drinking-water license.

Cambium Aboriginal has the experience and expertise necessary to successfully develop water well inspection and treatment solutions appropriate for the site-specific constraints and challenges faced by First Nations today.

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