Environmental Assessments (EA)

There are both provincial and federal regulations for environmental assessments; the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act (EAA), and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA). Both of these acts provide a framework for the protection, conservation and wise management of the environment.

An Environmental Assessment (EA), or Environmental Screening (ES), is an evaluation of the environment within an area of study that will be affected by a proposed undertaking, the effects that the undertaking options may have on that environment, and the selection of a preferred approach with an identification of actions which may be necessary to prevent or mitigate the net effects.

There are two types of EAs; an Individual EA and a Class EA. Individual EAs are prepared by proponents of large-scale development projects that may have significant environmental impact. Class EAs are more streamlined, and are prepared for smaller, routine development projects with predictable impacts, such as building a road, bridge, or development of sewage and water infrastructure.

Cambium Aboriginal provides expert assistance to municipal and individual clients conducting an Individual or Class EA. We guide the client through each stage of the process, with attention to detail and a thorough understanding of regulatory requirements and effective public participation programs.

An important part of Environmental Assessments pertaining to Indigenous communities is the crown’s requirement to consult with Indigenous peoples. Please visit our section on Duty to Consult for more information.

A Transparent Process

Cambium Aboriginal engineers, planners, and technical staff ensure that the EA process conducted by the client is transparent and objective. Each step along the way is clearly documented. We enable regulators, stakeholders and client representatives to work together throughout the process.

Assessing Impacts

The EA or ES process requires a careful assessment of impacts of a proposal on the natural, social, cultural, and economic aspects of the community. Cambium Aboriginal field staff specializes in the identification and collection of relevant information, which will form the basis for technically sound, community-based solutions.

Technical Expertise

Cambium Aboriginal offers integrated professional services designed to provide governments, corporations and individuals with innovative, sustainable answers to everyday issues. Cambium Aboriginal works with clients to collect relevant, accurate information, undertake careful analysis, and identify opportunities and constraints, all with careful attention to detail. Our thorough technical investigations form the basis for innovative solutions.

Public Consultation

Public consultation is an integral part of the EA and ES process. Cambium Aboriginal professionals work with clients to ensure that the public is engaged, right from the beginning. Cambium Aboriginal encourages public involvement through newsletters, webpage updates, public events and effective media releases. The result is an informed public and a solid foundation for decision-making.

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