Relationship Building

Building positive relationships with First Nations communities that establishes trust and respect is a critical first step when doing business with a First Nation. Early and open communication with First Nations leaders and communities will help provide a positive step forward when considering project development ideas.

First impressions will play the most important role which can set a positive (or negative) tone for future discussion including the possibility of doing business on First Nations territory. There is a protocol for each First Nation and if you want to do business on First Nations territory you have to understand and follow each First Nations protocol.

As a potential business partner with First Nations communities, your company must demonstrate a strong desire to develop a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust, respect and friendship. In addition, your company must respect the First Nations community’s beliefs, culture, and values while understanding the community’s way of life. Listen, learn and understand the culture, values and way of life of the First Nations community before thinking about approaching First Nations leaders about project development on First Nations territory.

At Cambium Aboriginal, we understand that building positive relationships with First Nations communities can be mutually beneficial for all parties involved. We also understand how important first impressions are so if your company or organization is thinking about doing business on First Nations territory, talk to one of our experts. We have decades of experience working with First Nations leaders and communities and can help provide you with the direction you need.

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