Implementing Community Energy Plans

Energy; it keeps our communities thriving.

We use it to keep our homes bright, warm, and clean. Does your community have a plan to keep your community connected?

  • How does your community fare when it comes to energy consumption?
  • How efficient are your community-owned buildings?
  • How are community members coping with the costs of running their homes?
  • Is your community able to sustain it’s current, and possibly growing, demand for energy in the future?
  • How much could your community save by implementing conservation measures?
  • Could your community benefit from adding renewable or other alternative energy sources into the mix?

These are all important planning questions, and can be answered in your Community Energy Plan.

Our Energy Planning Team will work with a liaison in your community to better understand your energy use and plan ahead for the coming years. We will characterize your current energy consumption, forecast your future energy needs, make recommendations for energy conservation, and help you research the possibilities for clean energy in your community.

The Cambium Aboriginal team has already had valuable experience working with the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation on the creation of their Community Energy Plan, and hope to carry the success of this project forward to other communities.

Cambium Aboriginal has also recently connected with the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), which offers a wonderful funding program for First Nation communities to plan for their energy future. The Aboriginal Community Energy Plan (ACEP) program provides funding for First Nations to initiate or update energy plans. Did you know that your community may be eligible for:

  • up to $90,000 in funding for the creation of a new community energy plan
  • up to $25,000 in funding for updating your existing community energy plan
  • an additional $5,000 in either stream if your community is considered remote

For more funding information, visit the ACEP website at:

Please contact Cambium Aboriginal for more information on how your community can benefit from the creation of a Community Energy Plan.

705.657.1126 (Telephone)