First Nation Energy Planning

Cambium Aboriginal has a team of experts who work with communities to help meet the increasing demands to reduce energy consumption and lessen the associated cost and impacts on the environment. Our energy efficiency auditing services aid in the understanding of the current practices within the facility and work to reduce the overall utilization of energy.

Various sophisticated devices, meters and sensors are used to characterize energy consumption and determine areas of potential implementation of more efficient practices.

Understand your practices.

  • Determination of benchmark.
  • Areas of high consumption.
  • Insulation
  • Lighting
  • Power factor correction.
  • Combustion and boiler efficiency.
  • Compressed air.

Cambium Aboriginal’s dedicated, professional and experienced staff focus on assisting Indigenous Communities in the development of energy management plans based on the patterns of energy use. A comprehensive assessment will recognize potential areas of concern and provide recommendations that result in monetary savings as well as a reduction in the environmental impact.

Our services include:

Community energy planning

Community energy plan implementation

Energy funding and resources

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