Food Sustainability and Security

At Cambium Aboriginal we understand that food sustainability and the ability to secure those foods can be challenging for certain First Nations Communities. For some communities (IE: Northern and remote First Nations communities) access to foods which are more readily available (and cheaper) in the Southern regions of Canada may not be a viable option. For others, food sustainability and security may be challenging due to economic and financial reasons.

For some communities food procurement from local markets (IE: grocery stores) may be cost prohibitive while traditional food sources such as plants, fish, birds and wildlife may be negatively affected by climate change. Shorter and warmer winters can affect bird migration patterns and fish stocks while hot and longer summers can affect animal behavior. These factors can have a broad impact on the nutritional well-being for First Nations community members and can affect the local economies which some First Nations community members may rely on.

At Cambium Aboriginal we understand that every First Nations community deserves access to healthy and nutritional food sources. We can work with your community to develop sustainable food strategies and practices to help improve the health and well-being of your First Nations community members. Working with your community we will listen to your concerns and work directly with your community to help develop food sustainability programs in accordance to your First Nations culture, beliefs and political systems.

Together we can help reduce food insecurities and improve food sustainability for your community and members.

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