Climate Change Plans

The impact of climate changes is being experienced across all Canadian provinces including First Nations territories. These changes will have significant impacts on First Nations communities including:

  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Economic
  • Health

Climate change can affect the intensity of wind, rain, snow and storms which can have devastating impacts on flooding, soil erosion, increased forest fire risks, glacial erosion, drought and unwanted health consequences. All of which can have serious consequences for infrastructure and community well-being. Additionally, climate change can affect animal and plant species which can result in the loss of traditional food and medicine sources for First Nations communities.

According to the Department of Indigenous and Norther Affairs Canada:

“Climate change will disproportionately impact Aboriginal and northern peoples due to geography, reliance on the land, rapidity of change and the limited capacity to adapt. These changes and their impacts will continue and accelerate until global greenhouse gas (GHG) emission controls are in place. Aboriginal and northern communities already face the highest energy costs in Canada, and the solutions to reduce GHG emissions will increase these costs. Costs and future increases will be the highest in communities where electricity is currently generated by diesel fuel.” (Indian and Northern Affairs Canada 2004).”

This is where Cambium Aboriginal can help your First Nations community. Our team of climate change and sustainability experts have years of climate change experience and can help your community navigate the complexities of the climate change sustainability matters.

At Cambium Aboriginal, we work closely with our clients to stay ahead of the curve by proactively managing your climate change and sustainability matters.

Please contact Cambium Aboriginal for more information on how your First Nations community can benefit from the creation of a Climate Change Plan (or update to an existing plan).

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