Climate Change / Adaptation Services

At Cambium Aboriginal we understand that climate change can have far reaching impacts to First Nations communities affecting the environment, ecosystems, infrastructure, and the economy. Shorter and warmer winters can damage roads for transportation (IE: ice roads) making it extremely difficult for those communities who depend on ice roads for transportation. Longer and warmer summers can affect water levels and aquatic life in addition to increasing the chances of wildfires. Warmer seasons can have a dramatic effect on ecosystems upsetting the delicate balance between weather patterns and animal behavior.

The impacts of climate change are being observed by First Nations across Canada including:

  • Changes in the wetland areas
  • Changes in water levels (shoreline erosion and more weeds)
  • Changes in tree growth and development
  • Changes in the aquatic environment and species such as fish
  • Changes in the animal population
  • Changes in the seasons such as shorter and warmer winters, long and hot summers
  • More weather related emergencies

These changes are having dramatic effects on First Nations communities affecting the delicate ecosystem balance in addition to infrastructure (roads, homes and buildings) and the economy (costing more to build and maintain).

At Cambium Aboriginal, we offer a wide range of services to help your First Nations plan and adapt to climate change including:

If your First Nations community is being affected by climate change please contact one of our climate change experts for a free, no obligation consultation. We have decades of direct experience working in the climate change field and can assist your community on how best to deal with climate change impacts.

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