Our professional and technical expertise makes Cambium Aboriginal a multi-disciplined company, offering expertise in the following areas: Environmental, Infrastructure Management Services, Waste Management Solutions, Climate Change and Adaptation, Energy Planning and Management, Project Management, Duty to Consult and Accommodate


Our professionals and technical teams contribute over 20 years of environmental consulting experience and offers an extensive range of services covering every aspect of environmental management. We deliver everything you need; whether you’re looking below the ground, above it, or somewhere far beyond. No matter how environmental issues affect your community, we can help. More info >>

Infrastructure Management Services

Is your community growing? Allow us to help you plan for the future. We will work with you to understand your needs and ideas, realize your vision, meet with your membership for input, and strive to help your community grow without adversely affecting the environment. More info >>

Waste Management Solutions

Cambium Aboriginal experts has years of experience in providing solid waste management services across central and eastern Ontario. Our team recognizes and understands the unique needs of First Nation communities and are able to provide them with cost-effective waste management and diversion solutions. More info >>

Climate Change and Adaptation Services

At Cambium Aboriginal we understand that climate change can have far reaching impacts to First Nations communities affecting the environment, ecosystems, infrastructure, and the economy. Shorter and warmer winters can damage roads for transportation (IE: ice roads) making it extremely difficult for those communities who depend on ice roads for transportation. At Cambium Aboriginal, we offer a wide range of services to help your First Nations plan and adapt to climate change. More info >>

Energy Planning and Management

Cambium Aboriginal has a team of experts who work with communities to help meet the increasing demands to reduce energy consumption and lessen the associated cost and impacts on the environment. Our energy efficiency auditing services aid in the understanding of the current practices within the facility and work to reduce the overall utilization of energy. More info >>

Project Management

At Cambium Aboriginal we have over two decades of direct project management and support services. Regardless of the size of your project, Cambium Aboriginal can help design, organize, plan, execute and support your project in accordance to your overall vision. More info >>

Duty to Consult and Accommodate

We have years of direct experience in this area. We have the experience to guide your First Nations community through the entire duty to consult and accommodate process. Let us help your First Nation with the duty to consult process. More info >>