How Does Solar Energy Work?

How does solar energy work? Cambium Aboriginal

Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) panels, are made up of semiconductor cells which convert the sun’s energy into electricity. Solar PV installations do not release emissions during operation and are a sustainable technology. They are suitable for both small and large scale projects and can be implemented by residents or our community as a whole. Solar PV panels require very little maintenance. They also do not have any moving parts, and are silent, which make them an agreeable option for most people.

Solar PV panels can be mounted either on rooftops or on the ground. Rooftop solar installations typically have a reduced cost since an extensive mounting system is not required; however, they are limited in the direction and angle that they can be installed. Solar panels installed in the northern hemisphere have an optimal electricity generation when south facing and placed at a specific angle, depending upon the latitude of the location.

Ground-mounted solar panel installations can be optimized in respect to tilt angle and direction, although they can have a higher capital cost due to the price of the required installation system. Tracking systems can also be installed on these systems, which allow for the panel to follow the sun through the day and even through variations between seasons. Ground mounted tracking systems are the most expensive mounting type.

Due to the uncontrollable and intermittent nature of light from the sun, batteries or a connection to the grid is required for backup during times of low electricity production.

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