Our Team

Our Culture

At Cambium Aboriginal Inc., our company culture is the key contributor to our success. Culture, for us, is defined simply as “the way we do things around here”, which involves the way we interact with each other, with our clients, and with the communities that we serve.

As opposed to the traditional hierarchical structure, we work from a “flat” organizational structure, which facilitates the opportunity for participation by all team members in the company’s operations, including strategic planning.

Externally, we believe that we have an obligation to improve the well-being of the communities in which we operate. We support a wide variety to community initiatives and organizations, chosen by our team, through our annual donation of a pre-determined percentage of our corporate revenues. In addition, we encourage our team to volunteer with local non-profit organizations of their choice through paid volunteer opportunities.

Our People

We are a growing team of more than 40 competent professionals focused on providing responsive and valuable service. While often multi-disciplinary in experience and expertise, our team is comprised of a diverse group of individuals including planners, engineers, hydrogeologists, ecologists, geotechnologists, laboratory analysts, sustainability specialists, construction control inspectors, GIS and drafting specialists, surveyors, community development specialists, technologists, and technicians.

General Manager, Michael S. Jacobs, BComm

Michael S. Jacobs

Michael S. Jacobs, BComm

Michael is a member of the Curve Lake First Nation and brings a unique leadership profile to the Cambium Aboriginal team. Michael’s speciality is management consulting for First Nation communities. Mike has worked on projects in health, economic development, infrastructure development and has had the most success accessing capital. Mike has raised over $10 million to support Indigenous projects across the country. Mike is a confident project manager and works seamlessly with First Nation leadership and staff. It is Mike’s unique ability to fit the square projects on First Nations into the round holes imposed on First Nation Administrators by all levels of government. Mike can be reached at m.jacobs@cambiumaboriginal.com.

Manager, Environment and Climate Change , Gary Pritchard

Gary Pritchard

Gary Pritchard

Gary Pritchard is a Senior Aquatic Ecologist and Indigenous Engagement Specialist with over 15 years of experience in a supervisory role performing aquatic assessments including fish density and community surveys, spawning assessments, aquatic monitoring with the use of radio and hydro-acoustic telemetry, species at risk/biodiversity studies, fish health investigations surrounding industry practices, habitat suitability monitoring and critical habitat delineation, as well as environmental monitoring and modeling with the use of aquatic macro- invertebrates and water quality. In the past, Gary (who is a member of Curve Lake First Nation) has had the privilege to work on behalf of first nations peoples throughout Ontario. He has travelled and worked in 286 First Nations communities throughout Canada. He has brought a wealth of knowledge to both his Indigenous and non-Indigenous cliental performing a wide variety of services including: Indigenous Community Planning, land-use/traditional knowledge studies, capacity building, mediator between western science and traditional science and peer reviewer on behalf of Indigenous communities. One of Gary's greatest strength is that he is often able to be the one who acts as the bridge between the Indigenous Community and the western style of government. Gary has successfully collaborated with many stakeholder groups, researchers, institutes, government agencies and Indigenous communities and political organizations to address environmental concerns and identify practical solutions to fisheries or environmental related issues. Gary also serves as a technical advisor and professor at three post-secondary institutes within Ontario.

Lands and Climate Change Coordinator, Kerry Ann Charles


Kerry Ann Charles

Kerry-Ann Charles is a member of the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation and is the Co-ordinator of Lands and Climate Change for Cambium Aboriginal. Kerry Ann was proud to serve her community as Councillor and has over 17 years’ experience working within her community. Kerry Ann has worked on by-law development, waste management, housing and environmental project co-ordination and management. On average, Kerry Ann would secure $300,000.00 per year in project funding that allowed her to develop and implement a variety of projects including community climate change adaptation and implementation plans not only for her community but other First Nation as well. As a result of this work, Kerry Ann has gained International recognition and is asked to speak across Canada, the US and Mexico in the area of indigenous perspectives on climate change. Kerry Ann’s wide range of career experiences give her a unique perspective that can be very valuable when assisting other communities wishing to find their balance of operations and environmental stewardship. Kerry-Ann can be reached at ka.charles@cambiumaboriginal.com.

Energy and Environment Project Manager, Shayne Hill


Shayne Hill

Shayne Hill is from Oshweken, ON and is a member of Six Nations of the Grand River. Shayne is our Project Manager for Energy and Environment and is currently responsible for the coordination of several Community Energy Plans. He is a graduate of McMaster University and has earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Nuclear Engineering and Energy Systems with a focus on Sustainable Development and Engineering Practices. Shayne can be reached at s.hill@cambiumaboriginal.com

Waste Management Technician, Paige Williams


Paige Williams

Paige Williams is a member of Curve Lake First Nation. She is our Technician and focuses on Waste Management related services and provides technical support for Environmental and Climate Change & Adaptation services lines. She is a graduate from Trent University with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology and has employment experience at the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry and Curve Lake First Nation. Her solid understanding of policy, regulation, and Indigenous legislation is a valuable asset to our team. Paige can be reached at p.williams@cambiumaboriginal.com

Administrative Coordinator, Daphne Harmon

Daphne Harmon

Daphne Harmon

Daphne Harmon is a member of Curve Lake First Nation and is the Administrative Coordinator for Cambium Aboriginal. She provides essential support to the General Manager, and works closely with the team to offer assistance for business operations and project management. She is involved with all active projects and assists with meeting key deadlines, accurate recording of project planning, maintaining databases and generating reports. Daphne has nearly 20 years of administrative experience and has worked for Curve Lake First Nation, Seminole Tribe of Florida and Nortel Networks. Daphne can be reached at d.harmon@cambiumaboriginal.com