Committed to the Indigenous Economy

Cambium Aboriginal Inc. has a corporate desire to develop a company that not only works within the Indigenous community, but gives back as well. For that reason, we have developed a pledge to steer us in a way that ensures that we continually support our position in the Indigenous economy.

Cambium Aboriginal Inc. pledges to serve the Indigenous Economy in the following ways:

  • We will act in the best interests of the land and natural resources
  • We will strive to leave a community with a better understanding of their land and resources than before we arrived
  • We will endeavour to train local people on every job we complete
  • We will maintain a procurement policy that gives priority to other Indigenous businesses, large or small
  • We will work to hire Indigenous professionals, experienced or inexperienced, to serve our clients
  • We will donate a pre-determined portion of our annual revenues to First Nation initiatives